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Leather Cream This unique blend of NZ Beeswax, Candellila wax, pure Olive Oil, Eucalyptus oil and Glycerine are carefully formulated to preserve and soften your leather. Fantastic for rejuvenating old, dry leather, scuffed boots, leather gloves and seriously effective on the new aniline or calfskin leathers that many new saddlery items are made of. The oil content in this soft, creamy conditioner provides nourishment for your leather, as only natural, pure ingredients can. There’s just enough beeswax to protect the leather and stitching from sweat and water, gives good grip with the added advantage that gloves and reins do not become slippery in the wet. The Eucalyptus oil has antibacterial and antibicrobial properties which help to prevent mould and mildew occurring, its also great as a repellent for insects and rodents! The Candellila wax adds a bit of shine. Used regularly, this balm actually makes it easier to clean your leather next time. That’s right - it gets easier. How it works is it prevents the greasy build up on reins and saddle flaps from adhering to the leather quite as much. How do you get that to work? Follow our advice on our Cleaning and Caring for your Leather goods guide. Our leather balm is a pure and natural product. Ingredients used are of cosmetic grade, and even the preservative is ECOCERT certified for use in organic cosmetics. You simply couldn’t buy anything better to care for your leather.

SuzieQ Leather Cream

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